LRU and Engineering Services


LRU Service

Aeromat stockhold CFM56-3/-5A/-5B/-5C/-7B LRU and QEC accessories in overhauled or serviceable condition to respond to Customer AOG requirement



Shop Visit Management

Aeromat team will overview the maintenance workscopes, closely manage the ongoing shop visit and commercial dialogue and ensure the most cost effective.

Due diligence

Aeromat provide a complete inspection program prior engine acquisition. Aeromat manages the full process:

•  Physical inspections
   •  Documentation reviews
   •  Engine valuation
   •  Contract Review and Negotiation
   •  Delivery

To meet Aeromat’s customer requirements and decrease any inherent commercial and financial risk relating to an asset acquisition.

Record Reviews

Aeromat is able to control engines records during all the engine life, to ensure that maintenance status and are compliant with regulatory standards.

   •  Airworthiness Directives
   •  Service Bulletin
   •  LLP Back to Birth
   •  Shop Visit Record
   •  Statements

Fleet Management

Engine maintenance programs are optimized and managed to achieve the lowest cost of operation with due consideration for the entire technical, commercial, contractual, regulatory and airworthiness aspects associated within airlines operations.

We ensure to our clients to keep continuous visibility of the key technical and commercial risks impacting their fleet, allowing proactive management that ensure the marketability and value of their assets are maintained.